Water Supply

We collect water during the rainy season, i.e. twice a year, and store it in tanks of 10k litres each. That’s enough water for a couple of months. A second water source for the village is the slightly salty river. From there a pipe carries the water to the centre and basically right into the middle of the yard. We plan on redirecting the pipeline, so that it passes the latrines (and the sinks we will install there), the bathrooms (where we will put showers) and the kitchen (sink). Right now, the children have to get their water for a bath or laundry on foot. In March 2017 we installed a first water system and lead the water to the girls’ dormitory and the new shower and sink where they can get water for doing the laundry. It’s just provisional right now because we’d like to see first, whether the kids take care of it or whether the quite African installation gets broken or the pressure is sufficient so that we won’t need an extra pump.

For all of this we need sponsors for an additional 300 €. Our voluntary workers are doing everything for free.