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Our priority today - SPONSORING CHILDREN

Because the financial situation of our centre has deteriorated - since January 2017 it used to be supported by the founding organisation - we have decided to launch a remote adoption programme and put the centre under the management of Moyo4children.

This adoption or sponsoring helps maintain the centre in the current state, guarantees the children education (which has to be paid for in Kenya) and basic food supply. People who decide on a sponsorship can also support us with additional aids, but the main points are the school fee, 3 meals a day, stopping the decay of the centre and ensuring further care for the children.

The children are often from families with diseases and when they are given to their relatives there’s always the risk of sexual, physical or mental abuse.

You can find more on the adoption/sponsorship here and more about our children.

You’re welcome get to know the history of the centre as well, the employees, the school system and other important information on the subpages of our website.

The Project

The project MOYO4Children was created in order to support the children’s home in Kathonzweni with social aid and educational support.

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Support our children, the centre or our initiative!! Every Euro counts and will be spent reasonably and booked professionally!



Coordinator for Poland: Agnieszka Filipiak and Agnieszka Tylkowska
Coordinator/Koordinator: Jana Mischke and Agata Tylkowska

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History of the Children’s Home

The children’s home in Kathonzweni was founded in 1979, along with several other such homes all over Kenya. It was built by sponsors from the Netherlands, who also supported it financially up until 2012.

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