Let’s join forces!

The next trip to Kenya is only a few months away. We’re thinking mid-March and about 4 to 5 weeks.
This time we have several mottos and many goals.
The internist doctor Waldemar Olszewski will be joining us a physician and very handy handyman (being the son of a carpenter…). I’ll be there as well. Łukasz Kielin is also planning on going with us, but right now he’s still looking for a camera sponsor for his photography project (do you know someone?). Maybe our fundraiser Agnieszka Filipiak will be there, too. The trip will be very exciting, as always.
Right now, we’re gathering all our forces with our physician, get the connection machine going and use our extraordinary image.
Dear friends, let’s give it our all! Anyone as much as they can.
If my work or Julia and Basia’s work during the last trip impressed you – let us know. I know that each and every one of you can help us. And we appreciate any kind of help.
We need money for work right there. But you can also donate something or a send a package. But remember, we’re only allowed 46kg per person – and we’re taking medical equipment with us this time. Any additional 23kg will cost at least 100 EUR (packages sent the usual way until the end of this year –which is cheaper btw – will probably arrive in Kathonzweni by April.)

Let’s join forces!

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