Wambua and Philis Sammy – Mama and Papa to our children and managers of the children’s home since 2002. Taking up the manager role for 28 years now, he and his wife Philis take good care of the children. Both love the kids deeply and are wonderful foster parents for such a large group of kids. They are very hospitable and understanding. Still, the kids learn all household chores and gardening activities from them, get disciplined and appreciate their foster parents and new siblings very much.


Lucia Mutindi – second Mama, secretary bookkeeper… She’s been working for the children’s home for 13 years. She leaves nearby and works Monday through Friday until 5 pm. She’s extraordinarily well-organised, keeps all books with astounding accuracy and has a heart of gold.


Francis Kilumbutu – chef, gardener, golden handyman. He has been living and working in the centre for 17 years. He works from dawn till night, takes a day off only twice a month and visits his family (wife and son) who live nearby.


Józef – in our children’s home for a year now. Carpenter, chef, gardener. Works and lives in the children’s home. From time to time he has a chance to visit his family.