Does anyone pay the chairwoman for her work for Moyo4children?

Does anyone pay the chairwoman for her work for Moyo4children ? ;)
Meaning, do I (Agata) earn anything for managing our foundation?
How does it really work?
Neither I nor any of my closest colleagues(Ag Nes, Małgorzata, Tomek) nor the volunteers are given any compensation, neither financial nor material…
We’re all doing this because we feel like it and have this wish deep in our hearts.
Each and everyone of us is giving time, power or even money to help Moyo flourish and find even more supporters.
The greatest thing we earn is:
– the children’s smiles each morning because they’re allowed to go to school (I have lived with the kids for 5 months and never ever did I have to make someone get up or take the walk to school of many kilometres, sometimes even barefoot… Everyone of them walks to their beloved school with their head held up high with pride),
– the knowledge that they get 3 meals a day,
– getting to know and “gathering” so many great people in Moyo: YOU!! :) – I have the feeling that the more you are, the stronger this positive magnet becomes, that we build up together (maybe one day I’ll be able to summon you all and get to know everyone ;) ). You warm words are an additional support. – waiting for weeks for a message from Kenya, sometimes with a mere picture, that everything’s alright, or for a detailed report on money spent from our secretary Lucy,
– that there are people working in the children’s home (Kenyans) who are in it with all their hearts, because even if they might not be paid one month, they still don’t even think of leaving…. They patiently keep on working and hope for the next month,
– and all the small and great events that make up our reality and power in Moyo!
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
This is how we do it at Moyo :)
Today, I actually received a new picture :) Our beloved girls :)
From the left: Wavinya, Mbithe, Mbithe, Marcy, Caro, Peninah, Mambua.

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