Cost and General Info

The monthly amount for a sponsoring of a child is 40€.

In order to adopt a child this way you will have to declare your willingness for at least a year. Please inform us about any changes until 2 months to the end of the year, so that we will have time to find another family for the following school year.

The 40€ include mainly costs for education and food. Living expenses in Kenya are relatively high (compared to Poland) and there is a school fee. Every Euro is welcome and we need it for clothing, trainers/sandals, cleaning agents, medicine and repairs in the centre.

As a gesture of gratitude our children will send their families letters at least once a semester (three times per calendar year) and when we have voluntary workers there, they will take new pictures and send them to you digitally. For the brave among you we might also organise a stay or visit to the children’s home in Kenya. (More on that topic, see “Voluntary Work”).

If you decide to sponsor one of our children and have made the first payment, please send a “Declaration of Participation” to the address given below and we will send you a confirmation for the sponsoring via Moyo4children. Then there’s nothing else to do but wait impatiently for the first letter from your child.

Sponsoring a child – Declaration of Acceptance by the sponsor (family)

Please fill in the form to the best of your knowledge, sign and send it per normal post to the address I will give you per e-mail. When we have received the documents and booked the first payment, you will receive a document per post confirming the collaboration with the Project “Sponsoring a child”.