To all of you, who wanted to, want to… You will want it even more. All of you who long for it, or those, who don’t even know they’re longing for it – I’m telling you: you will long for it…

COME ALONG TO A JOURNEY TO KATHONZWENI (KENYA). FROM 4 TO 14 DECEMBER. That’s only a few weeks away.     

Put your fears in your pocket. And save them for another time. For those extraordinary 10 days, just jump into the waters of a little bit of insanity. ???

I guarantee you will receive such an enormous amount of positive energy and LOVE, that you’ll have to return because it doesn’t fit in any bag. ??? ?

Tickets cost between 1800 and 2000 PLN (in total for both ways) plus some more for food and local transport. ✈✈✈

Look at our lovely kids!! ❤❤❤ Who wouldn’t want to meet and hug such sweethearts?

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