• Support of orphaned or abandoned children as well as single moms
  • Education in matters of human rights and humanitarian principles
  • Financial support of elementary and secondary education, i.e. paying for school fees, life in the boarding schools, school uniforms and materials.
  • Teaching about Africa and the so-called Third World, their culture as well as current problems and reasons for them.
  • Creating opportunities for people in distant countries and cultures to get to know each other and bond.
  • Installing a well, air conditioning or Solar Panels.
  • Starting projects in agriculture, livestock farming or fruit production, in order for the children’s home to be able to support itself and maybe even sell some produce, so that there will be money for other acquisitions.
  • Acquiring long-term sponsors, in order to create stability and security in our children’s lives for as long as possible.
  • Giving our children security and education, creating conditions for a carefree childhood, helping discover talents, the right work attitude and the basic idea of voluntary work (selflessness)